The Forum On Earth Observations III

Nancy Kopp, Maryland State Treasurer, shares her perspective on the emerging demand for corporate climate disclousre. Forum III (2009).

Climate change has spurred an unprecedented demand for information about our changing planet. Insurance executives to renewable energy experts to governors have unique information needs, many of which are just beginning to emerge. What is certain is that governmental, private sector, and personal decisions must be based on the most timely, accurate, scientifically sound, and relevant information available.

How will climate change impact the US agricultural sector? When and how will we see climate change's impact on our transportation infrastructure? When and where will sea level rise occur? How will we deliver information on climate and other global changes to a rapidly changing marketplace? How can today's information providers respond to this diverse set of users with varying knowledge of the environment, science, and technology?

The Environmental Information Revolution represents the third in a series of Forum on Earth Observations™ and will bring together leading entrepreneurs and innovators to examine these compelling issues. More than 200 private sector and public sector participants are expected. Target audiences include the information technology, aerospace, oceans industry, geospatial energy, climate, and science communication sectors.

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